Sunday, September 18, 2011

Smart Alex on the Road: More to Con-sider

Adirondack ComicFest, which was scheduled to take place Veterans' Day Weekend in Old Forge, New York, has been cancelled. Meanwhile, alternate Veterans' Day activities are in the process of being scheduled for some of the guests who had been originally slated to attend. More on that later...

Meanwhile, Detroit Fanfare is just around the corner, slated for September 24-25 at the Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center. Setting this convention apart from the rest is the presentation of The Shel Dorf Awards, previous winners of which include Carl Lundgren, Marvin Giles, Greg Theakston, and Stan Lee. The events include some of the usual costume contests, auctions, and raffles, but also an art contest and Shots for Sketches in which some of the pros attending will draw to raise money for charity. Most importantly, the Detroit Chapter of the American Red Cross will be on hand to accept donations- financial or, if you can handle a needle and spare a clean pint, hemolitic. Guests also include many illustrious sorts like Larry Hama, Tom Orzechowski, Billy Tucci, and perhaps literally hundreds more.

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