Monday, November 7, 2011

Kickstart This Comic: Dr. Goyle

I'll be the first to admit that most of the comics I've reviewed here are not appropriate for younger readers, and to be perfectly frank, I have mixed feelings about that. See, on one hand, I really love the meatier, heavier themes that comics geared toward older readers can address- and can sometimes do quite well. On the other hand, I often regret that I can't share such comics with my kids.

On another hand, comics that are geared toward kids tend to be quite a bit of fun and, when done right, can also be intelligent enough to keep older readers engaged. But on yet another hand, such comics, once in the mainstream, are not as available and are not marketed to the extent that the sex and violence in the current mainstream is.

This four-armed thorny behemoth of a problem is just one of the many monsters Dr. Goyle aspires to tackle. Creators Mark Stegbauer and Mike Norton have, as they put it, mashed together Hellboy, the Tick, and Sherlock Holmes with the campiness of the Batman TV show in a six issue series that promises to entertain readers aged six through, oh, at least a hundred and six.

Making this project even worthier of support, each issue will feature pinups by previously unpublished artists, giving up-and-coming talent a much-needed leg-up in the industry. The Kickstarter project also offers creative incentives to supporters like a chance to appear in the books as well as to acquire art, posters, and books up to the complete series that can make terrific gifts for your kids or yourself.

So check this out, and prepare to enjoy!

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