Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wolverine and the X-Men 2: Review and Spoilers

I can't quite recall how long it's been since a comic book made me laugh with the very first panel. "Two weeks ago..," and already in nostalgic grayscale! It's a record!

The book was not completely flawless. There was a moment when reading the captions, which started off in first person and from Iceman's perspective, I noticed the perspective change, and I wasn't quite sure who had taken over narrating the story. While it built up to a nice reveal at the end, that moment of wondering detracted...

... but only a little, as I was too busy laughing most of the time. Never have I found the idea of a school fending off mortal peril so entertaining. Furthermore, I've done something I don't often do with my comic books- I've let the kids read it.

My daughter thought the exchange between Broo and Idie was particularly cute. My son liked everything to do with the Frankenstein monsters and commented that Iceman was "cool" before catching his own bad pun.They both said the book was very good and that they wouldn't mind me getting it for them, which is a very good thing because I plan on continuing to get it... for me!

Put this one on my pull list!

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  1. That warms my heart to hear that your kids liked it, Alex. Thanks for reading.